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A listing in this directory is included free of charge with your OCBS membership, and allows you to
advertise online the breeds and varieties you raise and sell. To be listed here, email your information to: ocbsociety@yahoo.com

Tracy Iverson
Iverson's Cavies
Breeds and Varieties: Abyssinian in Roan, Brindle & Red Self; American in Black, Cream, White, REO & Slate; Dutch in Black, Chocolate & Cream; Coronet in intense Broken; Peruvian, Silkie and Texel in intense Broken & TSW
Location: Cottage Grove, OR
Email: mrcavy@msn.com
Website: http://mrcavy.tripod.com
Laura, David &
Adam Hagey
Foxglove Caviary
Breeds and Varieties: Teddy in Broken & TSW; Abyssinian in Roan & Brindle; American in Golden Solid, Golden Agouti & occasionally Black
Location: Springfield, OR
Email: foxglove@epud.net
Jennifer Walker
ToadRoad Caviary
Breeds and Varieties: American (Satin carriers) in White, Cream, Broken & TSW; American Satin in White & Cream
Location: Phoenix, OR
Email: ToadRoadCaviary@aol.com
Karyn Fegles
Diana Mortensen
The Next Generation
Breeds and Varieties: Abyssinian in Brindle, Roan, Broken, TSW & Tan; Abyssinian Satin in Brindle & Roan; American in Cream, White, Silver Agouti, & Broken; American Satin in Golden Agouti
Other Stuff: Hand crafted cavy jewelry, miniature Claypig cages, collectable Claypigs, show boards, cavy carriers
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Email: claypiglady@msn.com
Sarah Jane Geroux
Hillhouse Rabbitry
Breeds and Varieties: American in Cream, White & Black
Medford, OR
Website: www.hillhouserabbitry.com
Sheri Proffitt
Proffitts Hollow Cavies
Breeds & Varieties: Abyssinian; Abyssinian Satin; Coronet
Location: Sandy, OR
Email: proffittshollow1@earthlink.net
Website: https://www.angelfire.com/art/beadheart/cavies.htm
Meagen Whitman
Liz McCarthy

Juniper Jumpers
Breeds & Varieties: Teddy and Teddy Satin in Broken Color, TSW, and Red
Location: Bend, OR
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/cosmolatte08/
Kim & Erica Redman
Coastal Caviary
Breeds & Varieties: Abyssinian and Abyssinian Satin in Roan, Brindle and Self; Teddy and Teddy Satin in Broken, TSW, and Roan; Peruvians; Silkies
Location: Toledo, OR

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